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Citizens of Texas are given a grace period in which they are encouraged to come forward and pay their fines before the roundup begins. Many of these warrants are for Class C misdemeanors which are minor in nature. No matter what the warrant was issued for, after the grace period ends anyone with an outstanding fine can be arrested on the spot. Officers will be arresting not only people with traffic ticket warrants, but also those who have warrants for more serious crimes like DUI's, larceny, homicide, assault, and more. Once the Great Texas Warrant Roundup gets underway the police will be actively looking for you. If you have an outstanding warrant in Texas you can expect to be subjected to arrest at your home, or your place of business.

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The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is an effort to resolve outstanding citations and warrants across the state. This occurs every year in late February and continues through the month
of March. During this time period law enforcement agencies throughout Texas will mobilize hundreds of police officers, deputy sheriffs, constables, and other government personnel to arrest citizens who have active arrest warrants or owe fines on existing outstanding warrants.
If you live in Texas or have been in trouble with the law in that state I urge you to find out if there's an existing warrant in your name. Remember warrants are issued for both minor infractions and serious crimes. If you have unpaid speeding or parking tickets, were caught running a red light, have no auto insurance or drivers license, or your inspection or registration has expired, the police may be looking for you when the the Great Texas Warrant Roundup comes to town.
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